How it works?

1. Join

Register by clicking “Register”, indicate required data, accept Terms of Service and pay the minimum of 10 PLN of initial fee. It takes 1 minute and all the city bikes are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
After registering you will receive a text message and an email message together with a PIN code which become your identifiers in the system.
To activate your account log in into the e-mail adress provided during the registration and click on the activation link. Otherwise your account will not allow you to use of maintenance free bike rental.

2. Rent

Approach the terminal, press the button of “Rent/Return” and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. The bike which you selected will be automatically released. If it is secured with a clamp-unlock it via the obtained code for code lock, displayed on the screen of terminal upon rental. Enjoy your ride!

3. Return a bike

You don’t even need to approach the terminal. All you need to do is enter the bike into electric lock.
Don’t worry – the sound signal will confirm the correct return. In order to be sure that the return was completed successfully, verify it on your user account through a mobile application, internet website or contact with Customer Office.
If there is no empty space at the station, connect the bike via code lock to the handle of the selected bike stand or other bike and shuffle the digits. In such case approach the terminal, press “Return” and follow the instructions on the screen.

4. Repeat

Use city bikes whenever you feel like it. The first 20 minutes of driving is always free!

5. Faster?

Download mobile application.
With the use of mobile application you will rent a bike locked in electric lock as well as a clamp without approaching the terminal. Code to the clamp will be displayed during rental of a given bike. You may rent a bike by means of the application in two ways:

  • Clicking on „Rent a bike” in the application and entering its number
  • Scanning QR code of a given bike, located on each bike

Contact with us

Call Center:+48 690 990 257

Open from 7:30 to 22:00,
connection cost according to operators' rates

complaint and requests
[email protected]

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